Mother, wife, legal writer by trade, fiction writer by passion, mass coffee consumer, and always the one to get blamed when the girls go wild.

(I didn’t do it. Honest. What happened was…)

I’m liberal in thoughts, in love, in understanding and in politics.  That being said, if you are a twisted bastard, I’d also love to enjoy a nice, warm bag of buttery popcorn and watch you be put to death for your crimes. (Why is there no Pay-Per-View for that yet?  Which reminds me, I need to write my Congressman.) Hey, I’m fucking versatile like that.  Besides, if you find yourself fitting into a nice little box, you might want to perform a self-analysis on whether your thoughts and beliefs are, actually, your own. 

In ending, long live the Oxford Comma! Viva la RĂ©sistance!

That’s all for now. đŸ˜™

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